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TBM Training

Advanced Avionics Training Garmin G1000 Garmin 600

Advanced avionics trainingOne of the most important safety features of your TBM is the avionics package. Having an unprecedented amount of information at your finger tips enhances situational awareness, improves efficiency and promotes safety. But sometimes you need help understanding and accessing all that information. Unfortunately, many schools continue to emphasize airplane systems knowledge ad nauseam. Don't get me wrong, systems knowledge is important, but it should not overshadow avionics training. Training in a simulator that does not have your avionics package is the definition of negative transfer of learning. Instead, I specialize in teaching you everything you need to know about your avionics in one day. The training begins with a thorough computer-based ground school. I review all your equipment and show you how it is supposed to work. Then we hook up a GPU to your airplane and you go through every light, switch, page or button on your panel. After you are comfortable with how everything operates, we go flying and put it to practical use. Depending on your equipment, you will learn:

  • How to Initialize the System
  • How to Set Up the MFD
  • Computing Terminal Area RAIM
  • How to Load a Departure Runway/SID
  • How to Load an Airway
  • How to Go Direct-To a Waypoint
  • How to Intercept a Course Inbound
  • How to Track a Course Outbound
  • How to Create an Un-Named Intersection
  • How to Add a New Hold
  • How to Create a Crossing Restriction
  • How to Use the VNAV
  • How to Load a Star
  • How to Load a Visual Approach
  • How to Load an Instrument Approach
  • How to Execute a Missed Approach
  • How to use the PFD
  • How to use the Flight Director
  • How to use WAAS,GPSS, and RNAV
  • How to integrate the Autopilot

Whether it's a factory installed G1000 or a G600 upgrade to a legacy airplane, I can teach you how to operate your avionics with confidence.

This program is included in my initial TBM training, but I am also available for dedicated, individual instruction using your avionics in your airplane.

FEE: $1295 plus expenses.